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At Velvet Lash, we believe that proper aftercare is essential for beautiful and long-lasting lash extensions. Here are some of our favorite aftercare products that we recommend to all of our clients:

  1. EYE CLEANSE BY DR. CHRISSIE Eye Cleanse by Dr. Chrissie is an oil-free, tea tree-based foaming eyelash cleanser that gently removes dirt, oil, and makeup from your lashes. This cleanser is specially formulated to be gentle on lash extensions, helping to keep them clean and free from build-up.

  2. BREAK UP WITH YOUR MAKEUP Break Up with your Makeup is an oil and alcohol-free makeup wipe that's perfect for removing eye makeup without damaging your lash extensions. These wipes are gentle and effective, making them a must-have for any lash extension wearer.

  3. REVITALASH Revitalash is a conditioning eyelash serum that helps to promote healthy lash growth. This serum is specially formulated to nourish and moisturize your lashes, helping to keep them strong and healthy. With regular use, you'll notice fuller, more luscious lashes.

  4. BOTTOM LINE: LOWER LASH MASCARA While we don’t recommend mascara on your extensions, sometimes your bottom lashes need a little pop too!Bottom Line: Lower Lash Mascara is a specially formulated mascara that's perfect for use on your lower lashes. With a small wand, this smudge-proof mascara makes it easy to apply to those little lashes without transferring onto your skin or extensions.

  5. EYELASH CLEANSING BRUSH An eyelash cleansing brush is an essential tool for keeping your lash extensions clean and free from build-up. This brush is specially designed to be gentle on your lashes. When paired with and eyelash cleanser, it helps to remove dirt and debris gently without damaging your extensions.

Proper aftercare is essential for beautiful and long-lasting lash extensions. These aftercare products are some of our favorites, and we highly recommend them to all of our clients. By using these products and following our aftercare tips, you can keep your lash extensions looking beautiful for weeks to come. Book your lash extensions today.

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