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Natural Lash Extensions Near Me

Natural Lash Extensions Made Just For You

Velvet Lash is an amazing lash studio for natural lash extensions and lash lift and tint located in Roswell. It is locally woman-owned and operated with a mission to provide an exceptional lash experience that includes free consultation, customization and care. Our certified stylists will work with you to select the natural lash extensions that best complement your lovely face, lifestyle and desired look.

Take a tour of our amazing lash studio before you schedule an appointment for your lash extensions or lash lift.


Natural Lash Extensions Near Me

Voted Best Natural Lash Extensions Studio Atlanta 2022

Thanks to your support, Velvet Lash has been voted Best Lash Studio by Best Self Atlanta 2022. With rose gold birdcage chandeliers, pink drapes, private treatment rooms and a relaxing scent—Velvet Lash is ready to give guests the amazing lash nap ever! We believe that natural lash extensions are not a one-size fits all service. Instead, it should be tailored to your face, lifestyle, the health of your lashes, and personal preferences. No wonder our clients have been coming to Velvet Lash for over seven years without ever stopping to take a "lash break". Book your lash extensions appointment today!


Natural Lash Extensions Near Me
Natural Lash Extensions Near Me

Lash Lift Near Me

At Velvet Lash, we offer our lash lift and tint for ladies that are tired of wearing natural lash extensions but still want lashes that are longer, darker, and thicker. A lash lift is a perfect and newest way to get prettier- looking lashes without an effort.

Avoid of any harsh chemicals or glues, Velvet Lash has simple treatment that can curl lashes for 6-10 weeks depending on the natural cycle of your hair. The dyes we use are completely safe and delicate, we highly recommended consulting with our certified stylists first if you have allergies or allergic sensitivities. Book your lash lift near me appointment with Velvet Lash today for a fresh look.

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Permanent Lip Blush Near Me

Permanent Lip Blush Near Me

Lip tint, sometimes referred to as lip tattoo, or permanent lip blush, is a great alternative to your typical morning routine. It is a new lip blush method that is gaining a lot of attention and is often applied to your lips in a natural color. Imagine not having to be concerned about your makeup fading or smudging throughout the day when you wake up. Permanent lip blush is a great technique to give your lips color and dimension.

Lip blush often lasts for two to three years. To improve the color of your lips, we advise visiting us once a year for a touch-up. Call us (470) 839-5597 for a free consultation on your next permanent lip blush or learn more which color is best for me.


Permanent Lip Blush Near Me


Natural Lash Extensions Clients Testimonials

Natural Lash Extensions Near Me


"You feel aboslute 100% satisfied..."

Natural Lash Extensions Near Me


"They looked beautiful & voluminous..."

Natural Lash Extensions Near Me


"I got non-stop compliments...""

Natural Lash Extensions Near Me


"Does not damage my real lashes..."


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Velvet Lash is also highly recommended by other amazing stylists and studios. We're proud to work with these amazing ladies to get the look fits with their life-style.


Eyelash Extensions FAQ

Eyelash extensions are available in different lengths and volumes. Choosing improper eyelash extensions length could potentially harm your natural lashes. They'll also make you uncomfortable, and you might come out as creepy.

At Velvet Lash, we offer Free Consultation with our certified stylist when you come into our studio. Your certified eyelash artist will consult with you and design lashes that are uniquely tailored for you. The hybrid look, which blends single eyelash extensions and volume fans, is particularly popular right now. Therefore, you must determine which eyelash extensions are appropriate for your eyes in order to achieve a beautiful and natural look. Book your eyelash extensions today.

  1. Remove all eye makeup and clean your eyelash with mild, oil free cleanser, rinse with water afterward.
    * Please do not use oil based makeup removers to clean your eyelash prior to the application.
  2. Do not put on any mascara. We want to spend time working on perfecting your eyelash extensions rather than removing your mascara. The cleaner your lash are, the longer your lash will last.
  3. Do not curl your eyelash. Straight lash will work just fine.
  4. If you wear contact lenses, wear glasses instead to your appointment or bring a lens case and remove them when you arrive to your appointment.
  5. Be ready to fall asleep as most of our clients will take a lash nap.

We want to be sure that your gorgeous eyelash extensions are in great shape for every day. We recommend a touch up once every 2 weeks to ensure that every eyelash is in place and that you're picture perfect anywhere you go.

With the natural shape of our eyelash extensions there's no need for curling on your own. Attempting to curl these lash yourself may lead eyelash extensions being pulled out unnecessarily.

In order to keep your natural eyelash healthy and strong, it's important to get regularly touch up, follow our after care instruction (daily cleansing routine), and go with the length and thickness that your stylist recommend you. There are certain concerns that may occur after an allergic reaction to the eyelash extensions themselves. Velvet Lash recommends an Allergy Test to determine if our bold and beautiful eyelash are fit for you!

As long as you're using mascara that's fit for eyelash extensions go for it! Be sure not to use waterproof mascara.

To avoid complications and unnecessary strife, we do not recommend that you remove your eyelash extensions on your own. Instead, you could allow the extensions to grow out on their own or come in so that we can professionally remove them for you.

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