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Velvet Lash is the best eyelash extensions and eyelash lift and tint lounge near Roswell and Alpharetta area. Our eyelash extensions cost vary by the style you choose; Classic, Volume or Mega Volume. We only use the highest quality products and will deliver the best service by our professional certified lash technician that truly care about your eyes. We believe that eyelash extensions is not a one size fits all service. Instead, it should be tailored to your face, lifestyle, health of your lash, and personal preferences. Whether eyelash extensions, eyelash lift or facial wax, we promise that you will have a set of eyelash extensions that's "made just for you".



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Choosing your stylist as important choosing your lash extensions look. Before you're booking your appointment, get to know your stylist so you feel safe and confident.

Velvet Lash - Vivian Dao

Vivian Dao

Vivian is a Xtreme certifited master stylist at Velvet Lash. She felt in love and obsessed with lashes since first day. She believe that lash extensions is not a one size fits all service but rather it should be tailored to your face, lifestyle, health, and personal preference.

Velvet Lash - Mia Ware

Mia Ware

Mia is a master stylist with many years of experience and a diverse background. She first entered the beauty industry as a certified makeup artist in NYC, then found her passion and love for eyelash extensions. In the past, she worked with well-known celebrities.

Velvet Lash - Jill Warlick

Jill Warlick

Jill has over 10+ experience as an esthetician and 4+ years experience as a certified lash stylist. She is an expert in Classic and Volume lash extensions. She's very friendly, passion about lash and a conversationist. She does not afraid trying something new.

Velvet Lash - Tracy Bui

Tracy Bui

Tracie has an extensive background in lash extension for both Classic and Volume. She loves lash extensions and how natural and fuller it looks. When she's not doing lash, she loves hanging out with friends and love ones.

Velvet Lash - Arlene Cisneros

Arlene Cisneros

Arlene is an amazing lash stylist that specialized in both Classic and Volume technique. She's also an amazing hair stylist in Buckhead area. Arlene loves to hang out with friends and family, and getting beauty services herself.

Velvet Lash - Nicole Gordon

Nicole Gordon

Nicole has years of experience in the beauty industry, from practicing esthetic to being an instructor. Her knowledge of skin care, waxing, eyebrows threading makes her the most valuable and flexible member of the Velvet Lash team. Besides from being the face of Velvet Lash, Nicole spends time with her community teaching yoga for kids and adult.